Exercise bikes are one of the genuine original pieces of home exercise equipment.
Despite the continuous introduction of new innovative fitness machines in the
market, they remain a favorite among consumers. Currently, there are two types of
static exercise bikes available. They are vertical static bikes and the recumbent ones.
The vertical bikes mimic the bicycles.

On the other hand, a recumbent exercise bike
is simply a bicycle that puts the rider in a reclined position instead of a vertical
position. A reclining static bicycle occupies approximately as much space as its
traditional counterparts and, like a vertical static bicycle, remains in one place, while
the user’s pedals are placed against a resistance mechanism.

They both have their
advantages, however, recumbent bikes are more comfortable than regular
stationary bikes because they allow you to sit in a seat much more like a chair with
your legs in front of you. And if you have discomfort in your back then you might
prefer it than the vertical ones.

1. Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike Review

exerpeutic recumbent bike reviews

The first one that pops up to mind while looking for the best recumbent exercise
bike is this one. The official name is Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike. One of the
best selling reclined bikes in the market due to its compelling price tag. You can
examine the product features and compare with the top models. But let me guide
you through some of its best aspects which helped it to land on this list. Like its heart
rate monitoring system which is implemented in the hand grip. Not a unique feature
amongst such equipment, however, in the case for 900XL it seems to be a big bonus
if you consider the price of it. But that’s not the end of its accomplishment, as it also
has the LCD display to gloat about. Now the combination of features for such price is
quite remarkable. With this machine, you will be able to monitor your physical
condition which is illustrated in the monitor with some other essential information
such as the distance covered, calories burned to name a few.


  • Weighs less and has transportation wheels, so quite easy to move around.

  • 3 years of warranty on the frame and 90 days of warranty on parts.

  • Extraordinary design to serve people of all height and weight.

  • The design is robust for all users.

  • It has eight levels of resistance.

  • The bike is easy to assemble.

  • well built to last forever.

  • affordable price.


  • Needs a bit of assembly which is always a setback for some buyers. However, it
    can be done easily by following the instruction manual that comes with it.

  • It is comfortable, but some extra padding would have been much better.

  • The seat may feel rigid after working out for long hours.

2.Marcy ME 709 Recumbent:

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent bike

The first thing about the Marcy ME 709 recumbent is that it maintains a kind of
simplicity. Because unlike its competitors it doesn’t have the luxurious traits to offer.
Instead, it is constructed with the fundamental details that you usually see on the
exercise bikes. But whatever the manufacturers did, they did an exceptional job.
Because working out using this recumbent bike is a treat itself. As it puts very little
strain on the knees and back. This is exceptional for light exercise and even so for
extreme workout sessions. And the transition between that is smooth and quiet due
to its magnetic resistance. For an exercise device, it allows great convenience to the
users with a finely padded seat which is adjustable. So, anyone can make changes
according to their requirements to make things more suitable to live with. And
literally it is easy to live with as dimension wise it isn’t massive, so it needs very little
space and there are no mobility issues too as you can move it around with ease. All
in all, as a package it is great and is reasonably priced too.


  • Very adjustable- can be used by several people regardless of height.

  • Battery powered. Just two AA batteries to get things started.

  • The seat and back support are comfortable.

  • It is easy to assemble and Silent pedaling.

  • Very solid, sturdy and durable Design.

  • You can include it into your routine.

  • Fits a range of heights and weights.

  • Affordable price with LCD screen.

  • Two years of warranty.


  • Lack of fancy features like the heart rate monitor.

  • The seat may need an extra cushion.

  • It comes with no extra accessories.

  • List Content goes here.

  • It does not fold.

3.Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike:

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn is one of the most reliable brands out there. And as a brand, they have an
entirely different outtake on what the best recumbent exercise bikes should be like if
you compare with the previous model in the list. They believe in gadgets to assist the
users in various ways and not only just keeping them in shape. That can be heavily
witnessed in this particular Schwinn 270 exercise bike. The 270 model is the
upgraded version of one of the best selling recumbent exercise bikes ever, the
Schwinn 230. And in plain sight, they are exactly identical which would certainly
bring up the question, why spend more? But in reality, the 270 is superior in every
aspect than its older brother. Take the resistance of the two bikes in comparison.
The 230 model offered 20 levels which are 5 less than the current 270 model. The
cushioning of the seat is far better too. And then there are the workout programs,
where also the Schwinn 270 comes at top beating the 230 by 29-22. Even they have
redesigned the pedals and cranks which make quite the difference. And if you care
for elegant stuff like heart rate monitoring, sound systems, USB port and upload
your workout data online to compare your daily sessions in the budget then you
don’t need to look further as you got all this with the Schwinn.


  • It has a variety of programs for different fitness levels.

  • Can create 4 different profiles to track performance.

  • solid exercise bike with water bottle holder.

  • It has six LED lights to track progress.

  • The frame has 10 years of warranty.

  • Carries an Ergonometric design.

  • The seat is adjustable.

  • Set workout goals.


  • You can use chest heart rate monitoring rather than its handle grip monitoring
    system, but you need to pay extra for that feature.

  • Not preferable for tall people due to the lack of leg space to extend.

  • It has a ravishing display, which may not sit well with every user.

  • Doesn’t offer Bluetooth or wifi functionalities.

4.Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike:

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

In the search for the best recumbent stationary bike, we found the Nautilus R614
Recumbent Bike which stands out from the rest for several reasons. First of all, as a
brand, it has a rich history of creating outstanding products over the years. And this
particular one is a cheaper version of one of its greatest product, the Nautilus R616.
Therefore, obviously it will lack some of the features, yet, that doesn’t make it lesser
than its predecessor as it is still an exceptional machine. This stationary bike is
strongly suited for an intense workout as it offers 20 levels of Eddy current
resistance. And the 22 different workout programs might encourage you on doing
so. As a home exercise bike, it makes a lot of sense as it has a conventional design
keeping little details in mind. Like the cooling fans, side water bottle holder for users
comfortability. Also, it takes very limited space in your apartment. And if you need,
you can easily move it without any help. But the biggest selling point for this exercise
bike is its speakers. Because most of its competitors lack this quality or have failed
miserably with poor speakers installed. But this one can make some noise and make
you groove through your sessions. Besides all that, it provides an excellent console
with all modern innovations that you rarely find in recumbent bikes at this price


  • Easy to assemble. It is accompanied by a step-by-step manual.

  • 2 user profiles to track and monitor workouts.

  • Fitness tracker to track your progress through time.

  • Has levelers, so it balances nicely on uneven grounds.

  • Stable due to a large footprint.

  • Easily adjustable bike seat.

  • Dual track LCD display.

  • Very affordable.


  • It would be great if this stationary bike cames with the ability to use a chest strap for monitoring the heart rate. However, the Nautilus R614 has a heart rate monitoring through the hand grips.

  • Back support of it isn’t that great. Quite uncomfortable to be honest.

  • Needs to be plugged in, without power the resistance won’t work.

  • Oversized handles which might be a concern for some.

5.Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike:

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

You already have witnessed some of the leading recumbent bikes. They all are one
way or another have some similarities and for sure owns some distinctive features
that make them so remarkable. Already we saw an Exerpeutic exercise bike, and
now we got another from the same manufacturer which is the Exerpeutic 400XL.
And this bike might be a smart choice for those who live in a small apartment. Not
that the other ones are too big, but this one makes users happy due to its folding
functionality. So, after you are done with it, you can fold it and put aside making
some space to move around. But don’t underestimate as it seems a nimble machine
because this can give the others a run for their money as a serious workout
equipment. This recumbent bike has a solid frame and quite stable, no wobbling
about. Supports a variety of height but people taller than 6 feet 2 might struggle for
leg space. In that case, they should opt for other options. Besides that, it provides a
comfortable seat, excellent cranking system and all other necessary options that you
look on an exercise bike.


  • It is ideal for conditioning the body in readiness for a high impact event or routine.

  • It is lightweight and foldable. So, requires less space than other stationary bikes.

  • Getting on and off from it is no problem thanks to the semi-recumbent design.

  • It uses technology for the tension to show better activity results.

  • Practically very silent, you can watch TV or listen to music.

  • Both the seat and back support of the bike is wonderful.

  • The bike reduces impact on joints and lower back.

  • Bluetooth connectivity to fitness apps.

  • MP3 ports with in-console speakers.

  • Very comfortable seat and backrest.

  • Budget friendly / very convenient.

  • Foldable- takes up little space.

  • Comfortable cushioned wide seat.

  • 8 level magnetic resistance.

  • Very sturdy and affordable.

  • Silent and smooth cycling.

  • Phone charging ports.

  • Quiet and smooth.

  • Large LCD screen.

  • Silent pedaling.

  • 3-speed fan.


  • It would have been great if the Exerpeutic 400XL came with a chest strap for monitoring of the heart rate that one just wears and goes on to work out. However, the bike has handgrip sensors that are able to monitor heart rate very effectively.

  • I would highly recommend it due to its portability and space efficiency. It is ideal if you are looking to exercise in a very comfortable position or if you are nursing and injury.

  • It doesn’t have any leveler, so it ain’t be stable on uneven floors.

  • Not very useful if you’re under 5’3” or above 6’1”

  • It does not have space for a water bottle.

  • Assembly demands its fair share of time.

  • Not recommended for tall people.

  • Relatively high price

6.Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike:


For a mid-priced exercise bike, the Exerpeutic 4000 exhibits feature that we often
find in top models. But that’s no real surprise, that today many are doing the same.
However, still, makes so much buzz because they are doing it the right way by
offering a quality equipment. Also, that is equipped with more features than you can
count. Like its amazing console, which reveals significant information that you
require to keep tracks. And the best part is that all those data is updated and stored
in the Exerpeutic app through the Bluetooth system of the machine itself. And if that
wasn’t impressive enough, you can control the device through the official app
without doing anything manually. Then there are your 7 different training profiles
and 12 pre-set programs already installed on the computer to help you achieve your
goals. The machine has 24 levels of resistance that is controlled using the console
too. You can increase resistance to increase the intensity of the workout. In most
machines, the transition isn’t as smooth or quiet as this one. The seat of it is more
like an office chair with padding for arms. The back of the seat supports nicely, and it
doesn’t feel rigid at all. The manufacturers sorted out everything and literally
everything. Because this tool covers the convenience requirement which users do
enjoy like bottle holder and even an electronic shelf where you can put your devices


  • Programmable console to create your own workout routines.

  • Backlit display for all lighting conditions.

  • Single-crank for stable and strong paddling.

  • Adjustable seats.

  • Easy assembly.


  • Assembly instructions throw you off rather than helping the process.

  • The seat is somewhat discomforting for some users.

  • Need power at all times to use the bike.

7. Velocity CHB-R2101 Recumbent Bike:

Velocity CHB-R2101 Recumbent Bike

In the course of losing the extra pounds that you put on the Christmas season, you
are seeking for a reliable machine that will aid the cause through the rigorous
sessions. And it seems the Velocity CHB-R2101 Recumbent Bike claims to provide
you that in an enjoyable fashion. Because after the heavy workouts on it, you won’t
need to suffer at all in misery. And that’s possible because it allows great comfort to
users while training. From its smooth pedaling to its adjustable seats, all are
assembled in such way to make the process beneficial and suitable. Looking more
into the technical aspects, the recumbent bike offers only 8 level of magnetic
resistance which cuts out some work for the person using it. But comparing to other
machines that we have seen in the list it lacks in this department slightly. However, it
covers that with it adjustable handlebars which have heart monitoring sensors fitted
to track users physical condition. Even the console can be adjusted to users comfort.
The pulse reader in this device works better than most exercise bikes, not shows
accurate readings every time, but extremely efficient. All in all, a great stationary
recumbent bike for beginners, but lacks to recreate intensive workout sessions
which veterans look for.


  • Don’t require electric input. Get two old-fashioned AAA batteries and you are
    good to go.

  • Has a smooth and consistent pedaling.

  • Got levelers for balancing in uneven surfaces.

  • Perfect for newcomers.

  • Comfy backrest.


  • The gap between the seat and backrest seems to be one of the biggest issues
    according to many users.

  • The seat isn’t that big. Larger people might feel uncomfortable sitting on it.

  • Instruction for assembling isn’t clear.

  • Not suited for an all-out workout.

8. Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike SF-RB1117:

Another folding recumbent bike making to the list. This time it’s the Sunny SF-
RB1117. To be fair with, it is more like a hybrid between recumbent and upright bike.
And to be absolutely honest, it feels more like the later one. However, it features the
usual characteristics of a recumbent exercise bike. And undoubtedly, you won’t find
that many better option than this one. It is a sturdy and stable bike built using high-
quality steel. Yet, quite lightweight and great for small apartments due to its foldable
trait. Not a machine that is fitted for serious exercising, but for light workouts this is
more than fine. Dimension wise it takes very little space which is possible due to its
brilliant design. To achieve that they might have sacrificed the comfort level a bit.
But still quite satisfactory. Like all the other bikes its seat is adjustable to make it
suitable for most people. Yet, taller lads not be benefited that much using it as they

won’t get enough room to stretch their legs. Its handlebar is firm and has good grip
but isn’t adjustable. Offers 8 different level of resistance that can be changed using
the knob. Sunny SF-RB1117 provides a very basic console with the regular readings.
However, for an inexpensive bike, it ain’t that bad at all.


  • It comes partly assembled, therefore very easy to finish assembling.

  • It folds. And usually, don’t demand that much of room.

  • It’s constructed firmly for an affordable bike.

  • The SF-RB1117 is an economical option.

  • Requires very little maintenance.

  • Transport wheel to move around.

  • Adjustable seat and handlebar.

  • Very stable as well as sturdy.

  • The ride is completely quiet.

  • Sturdy and very durable.

  • Good pedaling system.

  • Very budget friendly.

  • Easy to assemble.


  • Lean people will find it easy to use, but it can’t be said the same for heavy users.

  • Great for light and medium training, but not for exhaustive sessions.

  • Mounting the bike is a challenge itself and so do getting off from it.

  • Not very comfortable compared to the other bikes on the list.

  • No screen to monitor progress.

  • Not the most comfortable seat.

  • No cup holder.

9. Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike:

Top 10 Benefits of having a Home Gym

Tone your body with the Stamina 1350 recumbent bike without intervening others
privacy. This is an efficient home equipment that costs less and requires very little
area. Designed to provide a comfortable reclined position while working greatly on
various muscle regions of the body. Suitable for all heights as it got adaptable seats.
Allows smooth pedaling experience at every magnetic resistance levels. The levels

can be changed using the knob below the console. There is a total of 8 levels, but
they aren’t marked in the knob. So, users often get confused. The bike got a well-
padded seat and a large backrest to support users when they take the reclined
position. Handlebars are beside the seat in the same level to prevent them getting in
the way of users. They, however, provide good grip and not slips away much even if
you sweat a lot. The console offers basic feedbacks like distanced covered, time and
calories burned. And the display can be seen in any lighting. Not a tricky console,
very easy to operate. The Stamina 1350 is a simple exercise bike with no extra
accessories. Don’t possess the luxurious conveniences of top model bikes but still an
excellent exercise bike for that kind of money.


  • Balances well in uneven grounds as it got leveling stabilizers.

  • Good value for the money.

  • Compact and lightweight.

  • Simple console system.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Sturdy frame.


  • Doesn’t come with transporting wheels. So, moving around becomes

  • Not great for challenging exercise sessions.

  • No pre-set programs to assist users.

  • No heart monitoring.

10. ProGear 190 recumbent bike:

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

The puzzle of the best recumbent exercise bikes is completed with the addition of
ProGear 190 compact recumbent exercise bike in the list. A bike that folds, making it
a favorite and wise option for those who can use a bit of space when they aren’t
using it. As it is a foldable bike, there will be a perception of people that it might be
flimsy. But this one is quite sturdy indeed. Not presents with a variety of features but
covers the basic needs. For example, the reclined bikes seat is soft, has a fluid crank
system and offers good grip for both your hand and legs. Rarely we find heart
monitoring system in exercise bikes in this price range. And this one got a
moderately good one. All these physical information is displayed on the LCD
monitor. However, it only shows one measurement at a time. So, users would need
to change the mode to get different readings. Nevertheless, such real-time data
helps a lot in the time of training. Besides that, this bike has an easy to tune 8 level
magnetic resistance system which is great for the cardio workout. For people with a
tight budget, this ProGear 190 exercise bike is a breeze of fresh air. Might be a cheap
bike but doesn’t feel that way while using it. And that is a mark of being the best
recumbent bike.


  • Doesn’t require maintenance work.

  • Got pulse sensor in the handlebar.

  • Easy to store as it can be folded.

  • Steady and sturdy.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • The seat is comfy.


  • Pulse measurement isn’t accurate most times.

  • Transport wheels don’t work properly.

  • Resistance level isn’t exciting at all.

  • No extra accessories.

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