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EXERPEUTIC EXERWORK 2000i Bluetooth Folding Exercise Desk Bike

EXERPEUTIC EXERWORK 2000i Bluetooth Folding Exercise Desk Bike

Nowadays we can get many types of exercise tools in the market. Due to work, people remain very busy. So, they are searching for some exercise tools that they can work out while they are working. Technology has given us such bikes that are really helpful for us to grow our health. There are some exceptional bikes that can help us to overcome our physical problems throughout doing exercise.

I am talking about the EXERPEUTIC EXERWORK 2000i Bluetooth Exercise Desk Bike that can be folded and is a digital stationary bike. Pedaling with this bike boosts your cardio fitness. Besides that, it also burns your extra fat and provides low impact exercise. We can say that it is a discovery that will help people to stay healthy even if they are busy with the whole desk. While you are doing exercise on this bike, you can also do other works like you can use a laptop keeping on desktop. You can also use an iPad, smartphone, or your favorite book and other digital devices you choose.

• This machine can take weight up to 181.437 Kilogram. So a person of any weight can use this machine.

• Here the 24

programmable workouts function helps you to see the calories you are burning during the time of exercise.

• The desktop in this machine is fully adjustable to slide according to your comfort.

• You can sit here very comfortably as there is an upgraded airsoft seat which is adjustable.

• The Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness can track your work out progress from anywhere at any time.

• You will not get any cooling fan in this Folding Exercise Bike.

• People who are less than 5’1″ feet and more than 6’3″ feet will not feel comfortable to use this machine.

• Another problem is whenever you are going to adjust the desktop little lower, the knees are getting touched with it.


EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike
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EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike

If you want to make your body fit then it is important to do exercise regularly. You will have to know the perfect exercise if you want to get a perfect body structure. Nowadays people are very busy with their works and are out of the exercise. Some conscious people manage time to do exercise but due to having a short space of time they had to manage small workout places in their houses instead of going to the gym. In recent times people use to buy various types of Recumbent Exercise Bike. They want the Recumbent Bikes that are very comfortable to use. I will recommend EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike that is very comfortable and efficient to use.

Details about EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike

It weighs 28.5763KG. This made the machine to move very easily anywhere inside the house without having any hesitation. Any person of any weight can use this machine. You will be very happy by getting the adjustable feature in this machine. You can adjust the strap pedals according to your comfort. This feature is not common to every exercise bike. So you can say that this service in this machine is one of the premium services you are getting. Besides that, the extra thick padded sitting and backrest in EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike will enable you to continue your exercise for a long time.

For ensuring extra safety the handles are gripped with the foam pad. The extra feature, the LCD monitor is connected to the grip of your handle. This feature will help you to track your pulse rate or heart rate according to your pace of pedaling. On the other hand, you can check the time, speed, and distance in the monitor. To enjoy your exercise buy an EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike and reach the goal of making your physic healthy.

Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-RB1117 Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike
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Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-RB1117 Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

For ensuring your more comfort to your exercise, you can get Sunny SF-RB1117 Pink Folding Recumbent Bike now in the market. You can get it at a low price though this bike is fantastic and very useful to your health. You can achieve a full cardio workout with this best exercise recumbent bikes. This bike will keep you motivated when you are sitting in it and pedaling continuously. It is because the seat and the pedals in the bike will give you comfort and you will not be tired. The seat is wide enough to support you for your long workout, and the pedals are very adjustable, and the straps in the pedals keep your legs into a fixed position.

Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-RB1117 Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

The more interesting fact is that you can fold it and you can keep it in any places inside your abode. If you don’t want to pick the exercise bike, then you can move it without any hesitation from room to room because it has transport wheels. You buy it, and you will see many more things that will make you wow. That so why Sunny SF-RB1117 is the best recumbent bike for home use.


  • Sunny SF-RB1117 bike has convenient transport wheels in its front that helps you to drag the bike very easily from one place to another.
  • The price of this bike is cheap enough to buy.
  • The exercise bike does not produce any sound that will make you disturb.
  • Everything in the bike is adjustable.
  • The folding system in this recumbent bike allows you to set it in any corner of your abode.
  • There is an LCD monitor in the recumbent bike that helps to track your amount of workout.
  • The seat and the pedals give you more comfort.
  • It always remains new even if you use it for a long time.


  • Heavier people will have problems in using this bike.
  • People less than 5.4 feet will feel a problem while pedaling the bike.
  • There is no holder for water pot.
Top 10 Benefits of having a Home Gym
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What Does an Exercise Bike Do For Your Body

During the workout with a recumbent exercise bike, several body parts are strengthened and well-tuned.

Once a wise man said, “Health is wealth.” We all know it, but most of them don’t realize it. So they lack awareness. Exercise works just as like as the caffeine. It breaks the shackles of your laziness and could bring back your enthusiasm. If your weight is bothering you too much, then exercise bike would be the perfect sport. To keep in good a shape the primary muscles to look at are –

  • Quadriceps (thighs),
  • Hamstrings (back of the legs),
  • Glutes (butt muscles),
  • Hip flexors (muscles on the front of your hips) and
  • Abdominals (your core)

Believe it or not, a stationary bike works out for all of those mentioned above. However, most importantly cycling provides an excellent exercise to prevent cardiovascular disease. We can get rid of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc. just by cycling 2-3 times per week. That’s not all yet, let’s find out more about, what an exercise bike does for your body.

To gain muscle power and strengthen your legs

For better toning, your muscles on the legs, arms, abdominal, thighs and buttocks cycling are undoubtedly perfect. Body strength comes from strong muscles like quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip flexors, and abdominals, etc. Cycling directly impacts those muscles so to have an exercise on your own could be a huge plus. Riding on exercise bike works out the hamstring, quadriceps, calves and hips flexors. The recumbent exercise bike puts more pressure on the hamstrings and quadriceps than the upright bikes. For Losing weight or trying to get slim shape working out especially on these muscles would help for sure.

Leg muscles get the actual pressure in a recumbent bike. As it has a bent shape thus the lower part of the body gets more priority. But the opposite scenario happens on the upright bike. Its form almost looks like an actual bicycle. As a result, the upper body got to move. As a result, upper body muscles and abdominal shares the movement alongside the leg muscles.

To stay in shape look at your abdominal

Belly fat is the main culprit to make you look fat. They all are lousy cholesterol which covers your abdominal muscles. To burn them out completely, you need to run as long as your lungs popped out. Hahaha!!! I was kidding. You don’t have to do that at all. All you need is to spend some bucks to buy an exercise bike or go to the gym. Bad cholesterol is going to make you suffer in the long run. So before it’s too late burn them down.

Nothing more just 2-3 times a week 30-40 minutes maximum per session. Bang!!! You are starting to lose already weight. Yes, it’s that simple, so don’t waste your time eating that extra cheese-burger again instead you start biking.

To lose weight exercise bike is perfect

Losing weight is all about burning extra calories proper exercise will help you do that to do that no other exercise is better than the stationary cycling bike. There is a study shows that to lose 1kg of your weight, 1 hour of exercise on your stationary bike 2-3 times a week is more than enough. According to the research, this chart demonstrates how much you take the exercise and the number of calories you are going to burn:

ExerciseCalories to burn (approximate)
Walking (5km/h)203 kcal
Cycling bike, normal tolerance415 kcal
Cycling bike, high tolerance630 kcal
Cycling bike, very high tolerance740 kcal


To maintain a healthy body regular exercise is a must. If you have an exercise bike, you don’t have to go to the gym. That saves a lot of time. You can utilize the time by sitting on your stationary bike in your room. You can watch TV, have some food, can talk with your partner while exercising.

To protect yourself from heart disease

Sport and exercise help our blood circulation throughout the body. Our heart is also a muscle like other muscles. Unlike others, it the most essential task that is blood circulation. A well-trained heart tends to beat less frequently than healthy hearts. Typically, while exercising and in an unusual incident, our heartbeats at a high rate. That’s not good for our health, and it leads us to cardiovascular disease. Having regular exercise people are less likely to have a heart attack and stroke.

However, a regular exercise can be a triumph to those diseases.  So, cycling 2-3 times a week 30-40 minutes per rep would be the best exercise to have a healthy heart. It could make our heart to beat at less rate than regular at the strange situation. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, then try these exercises a couple of weeks then check your pulse rate. I’m pretty sure will understand the dramatic changes. But you have to note down your pulse rate before starting stationary bike exercise.

To cure type 2 diabetes

Cycling does an excellent job for a diabetic patient. Diabetes refers to the disease for which, the level of blood glucose increases. Several scientific studies have shown that physical exercise and sport reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes. So, a game like cycling also a practice can have additional benefits for diabetic patients. When we are at sport or in exercise our strength comes from muscles by using glucose. Thus glucose level in the blood decrease.

Another beneficial aspect of exercise bike is on the insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar level. But while having diabetes, this hormone cannot work as intended. Means that it cannot regulate glucose level on the blood. As a result, the sugar level increases. Exercise can help the body to react more to hormones like insulin. Therefore insulin can play its role that is to reduce the blood sugar. Let’s say no to diabetes by cycling more and stay fit.


To sum up, as our body needs food to remain healthy and fit, it requires physical exercise as well. There are a lot of differences between people who works out and who doesn’t. Psychologically, our body reacts to unusual work more. So, to become happy, enthusiastic and fit there is no alternative to exercise.

So best of luck to you. And yeah one thing doesn’t forget to comment and share because there are a lot of people, who don’t know the benefits of it. Now you are aware of the fact that “what an exercise does to your body” and make your friends too.