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How to exercise with little strength.

You can also do exercise with little strength. There are many kinds of exercises that can be done just sitting in a chair. When you are seeking or injured a simple workout can help you to boost your confidence, it can make your stress less and overall you will become fit. So, there is no gain if you are not going to tolerate pain. Therefore here are some exercise tips that you can follow while exercising,

1. If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then you can do chest exercises by keeping your wrist straight using the dumbbells or machines. This simple exercise can help you rid of this syndrome. Always remember that you should avoid doing push-ups, burpees, or straight-arm plank because it may increase your pain.

2. If you are suffering from back pain then you can do abs exercises, small walking, stretching, and even you can do a little exercise in a recumbent bike which will help you to reduce your back pain.

3. For your shoulder pain a little exercise such as shoulder movement that maybe by pendulum stretch, inward or outward rotation, and towel stretch will help to reduce your pain.

4. Sometimes due to excess running, you feel pain in your body which is known as shin splints. To overcome this pain you can do cardiovascular workouts. This exercise contains something interesting like swimming, cycling, etc.

Different Exercises And Exercise Bikes For Overweight Peoples

People who are suffering from obesity have the risk of suffering from various diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other serious diseases are related to obesity. There are different exercises that can help fat peoples to lose their weight. The exercises and its benefits are,

1. Walking:

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This is one of the best solutions to burn out the extra fat. This exercise is very easy for those who don’t have any experience of doing exercise regularly. There is no need of purchasing any equipment for this simple and effective exercise. This exercise will not have any painful impact on your body. People suffering from obesity can remain fit if they are going to walk regularly to maintain the routine.

For those who are a beginner can walk for 40 minutes 3-5 times a week. If you are going to maintain this regularly then slowly your frequency of walking will increase and will automatically become fit.

2. Running:

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A person can burn 80 to 140 calories by running per mile a day. So if any person suffering from obesity can burn their fat if they run 30 minutes per day. 280 to 500 calories can be burn by running for 30 minutes which is really good for fat peoples.

3. Cycling:

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It is very simple just get in your cycle and pedal it daily for 30 to 40 minutes. The pedaling cycle everyday can lose extra fat from your body. People who don’t know how to ride a cycle can buy the recumbent bike and can use it in the home. The recumbent bike is such a kind of exercise bike that you can use like a pedaling cycle in your home. You can burn 260 calories by pedaling cycle for 30 minutes. And if you are using recumbent bike spending at the same time then you will burn probably 298 calories.

Cycling just not burn you’re fat but also it reduces heart disease, maintains diabetes, and reduces the risk of getting affected by cancer.

4. Swimming:

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It is really an interesting way to pass time. And it will help you a lot if you are suffering from obesity. If you swim 3 days for 1hour each week then you don’t have to worry about any fat, heart disease, etc.

5. Yoga:

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This is a common exercise for all. Everyone can do yoga. It relieves you from stress. And it burns good calories. These are all effective workouts that can help you to reduce your fat. Just make a routine of your daily exercise and set your goal.

Now here are some exercise bikes that help to reduce weight,

Mercy Recumbent Exercise Bike:

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This exercise bike is the best equipment for making your heart physically healthy. You will not feel tired if you work out with it. If you are thinking of adding some useful exercise equipment’s in your home, then it will be much better if you add Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike. When you are going to buy this equipment, then set your goal to reduce your weight and gain your muscle. Your aim will reach your goals then you can obtain a healthy figure.



This bike might be a smart choice for those who live in a small apartment. It helps to reduce excess weight from your body.

YASUDA Indoor Cycling Bike:

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This bike is new in the market. And it is very smooth to use. If you are suffering from obesity then this exercise bike can help you to overcome your health problem.

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What to eat before you go for workout?

It is very essential to control your diet when you are doing exercise regularly. Your body will perform better if you get better nutrients. So, here are all pre-workout nutrition suggestions for you.

First, you have to know, which nutrients your body wants.

So, if you are having the correct food then obviously you will get enough energy to perform better while you are doing exercise. Each macronutrient such as carbohydrate, fibre, fats, protein, and nutrients has a particular role before you are pedalling your exercise bike or doing another sort of workout. Whatever the portion in which you need to eat them varies by particular and type of exercise.

Here below you can see some roles of macronutrients that can help you to reach your goal.


When you are working your muscles uses the glucose from carbs for fuel. There is a process of storing glucose, mainly in the liver and muscles. The way is known as glycogen. Glycogen plays its role when you are doing vigorous exercise as it is the main source of energy for your body muscles. But one thing more is, the glycogen stores in your muscles are limited.  And as these finishes, their production and intensity decrease. In many pieces of research, it has come out that the carbohydrates you take can increase the glycogen and working at the time of increasing carbohydrate oxidation during exercise. To maximize your glycogen store you have to eat high carbohydrate-containing foods for 1 to 7 days.


According to the research, if an athlete consumes protein before going to the field then his or her performance will be much better. The research also says that if you eat protein before your workout it will increase your muscle protein synthesis.

Some vital role of protein before exercise are:

A better anabolic response, or muscle growth.

Improvement of muscle recovery.

Greater strength and lean body mass.

Increase in muscular performance.


The fats you are consuming works as your energy back up when you are doing a low-intensity workout. One research showed how a four-week diet consisting of 40% fat increased endurance run times in healthy and trained runners.

Timing for your workout meal

For your pre-workout nutrition, the time for your having a meal is very important. To increase your workout limit you have to eat a complete meal that contains all the macro-nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fat, etc. You have to take this before 2 or 3 hours of your exercise.

Due to some reason, you may not be able to take that meal at that given time. In that case, you can do is having a reasonable meal before you start your workout.

Suppose if you are having a meal 30 to 45 minutes before you go for the workout you must select that food that will be easy to digest. And also you should remember that the food must contain carbohydrates and protein.

This will help you to continue your exercise without having any stomach problems.

Important examples of having a meal before exercise

Those who do regular exercise should maintain the amount of food, they have according to the exercise they do. To recover your energy while doing the exercise the equal balance of carbohydrate and protein in your body is important. If you are having a meal that contains also fat then you should start your exercise after 2 hours.

Here are some examples of a balanced diet before your workout:

The meals that you can eat before 2 or 3 hours of your exercise

For carbohydrate: You can eat whole-grain toast, peanut, rice, potatoes, milk, etc.

For protein: You can eat chicken thighs, fish, beans, eggs, yogurt, etc.

For fat: You can eat the whole egg, fatty fish, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, etc.

If you start your exercise within an hour or less than 30 minutes

For carbohydrate: You can eat peanuts, potatoes, or milk.

For protein: You can consume eggs or yogurt.

No need to have fats.

You can also have Supplements before your workout

Nowadays it is very common in using supplements in sports or building up the body. Supplements before your workout can help to increase your strength, increase lean body mass and will help to reduce fatigue.

Here below you can see below the best pre-workout supplements.


In many pieces of research, scientists found that this supplement is the best supplement among all as it increases strength and power to your muscles. Creatine plays a vital role in producing energy in your cell thus in the body. If you are having this supplement you will feel improvement in your strength over time. There are some recommendations in taking doses with 20 grams each day and are split into several portions during the exercise.


Many kinds of research say that this supplement is one of the best supplement for the human body.  It increases body immunity power. If you take Probiotic every day then your microbiome will remain in balance. Keeping microbiome in balance relieves your digestive comfort and it develope a normal bowel pattern.

Vitamin D

We get Vitamin D from the sun. It helps to make our skin healthy. If you are looking for any supplement that will help you to make you strong then you should take Vitamin D 3 supplement. This supplement helps to protect you from harmful diseases. According to the research, it also helps to reduce heart disease. Besides that, the main role of vitamin d in our body is to control blood levels of phosphorus and calcium. These minerals help to keep bones healthy.

Protein Powder

We know protein helps to build out bones and muscle etc.  Especially the athletes consume this supplement to require more energy. This protein powder is very effective for both men and women. This protein does not only boosts one’s energy but also recovers the damaged muscle tissue.  Many athletes use this protein after exercise to recover their energy. So if you are doing workout regularly then this supplement going to help you to boost up your energy.









Recumbent Bike Accessories

Heavy Duty Equipment Mat:

It is a kind of protective carpet.  It helps the floor from damaging highly weight exercise equipment like a recumbent bike. This carpet prevents any dust from entering into belts or mechanical parts of the bike. It also prevents excessive noises of bikes that might disturb your family members or neighbors beside you. Many of these mats r made in the USA and are safe for children.

Best Plastic Exercise Bike Mats:

SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS

Protects the mechanical components of the floors and carpets from the harmful effects of heavy workout equipment and debris.

Extends the life of your equipment by helping prevent dust from entering belts and mechanical parts from the floor and the carpet

This dampens the sounds and dampens the disturbances so as not to annoy the family and neighbors.
It’s cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

SuperMats High-Density Commercial Grade Solid Equipment Mat 23GS

The Supermarts Equipment Mat is the perfect solution for your workout equipment requirements.

This mat is fabricated in the USA. Using materials of American origin in the factory owned by the Supermarts company.

With treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bicycles, rowers, steppers, vertical and stationary bicycle and other cardiovascular exercise units, Supermarts offers the perfect solution for use.

Best Rubber Exercise Bike Mats:

Saris CycleOps Training Mat

Image result for Saris CycleOps Training Mat

This mat protects your ground from sweat and motorcycle grime. A durable structure removes the noise and vibration. Ideal for hours of safe workout under any trainer or roller on any flat surface. Prevents your trainer from “walking” over the floor.

Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Floor Mat

Image result for Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Floor Mat

Water Resistant-The water bottles are impervious to sweat and spill. The anti-slip texture-Gripping texture holds your work equipment and you in place. Noise insulating material helps to suppress vibrations, making the experience of training indoors even louder. Secure Bevel Edge- holds the floor mat in place.

Best Foam Exercise Bike Mats:

Kinetic Trainer Mat

Image result for Kinetic Trainer Mat

The Kinetic Floor Mat guarantees sweat-free ground.

It prevents noise.

It rolls up easily

Tacx Rollable Trainer Mat

Image result for Tacx Rollable Trainer Mat

Large, rolling trainer mat

Made of good quality, moisture-repellent foam 6 mm thick

Prevents your ground from rubbish and sweat

Why it is important to use mats for exercise bikes at home?

The main purpose is to protect the ground. Most exercise bikes come on the legs with end caps but they can do just that much. Workout bikes (and cardio equipment in general) in your hardwood floors can cause permanent prints in your carpet and dents/scratches that can be costly to repair and a significant eyesore.

For better balance and less noise

Recumbent bike mats can also help to diminish the exercise bike vibrations and muffle the sound. This is great if you live in a hotel or a small room, as you don’t have to worry about upsetting someone whenever you want to get a workout.

Things to think before purchasing an exercise bike mat.

Here’s what you need to know when shopping for an indoor exercise bike mat and take that into account.

Thickness: More often than not, the denser the mat, the better. Thicker mats not only do a good job protecting your floors but they are still easier to place flat. Usually thinner mats weigh very little and appear to curl off from the floor if there is nothing that can be uncomfortable on them.

Material: The substance plays an important role in the overall performance of your motorcycle mat. It defines the longevity that governs, in effect, the capacity of the mat to dampen sound and repel moisture. Most popular indoor bike mats materials include PVC (vinyl) that is elastic, robust, fire-proof and relatively cheap.

Foam is also another popular material that does not do as much of a job as repelling moisture but is perfect for vibration isolation and flooring safety.

Rubber is among the most common materials because cleaning is so effortless and it continues to last for quite a while.

NON-SLIP: You’ve got to make sure your indoor mat is safe and doesn’t slide right under you as you pedal. Not even all recumbent bike mats are slip-resistant on all floors, so ensure that the specifics are double-checked to see whether the mat will work with your surfaces.

Size of mat: Recumbent bike mats come in different sizes. Many mats are intended to be relatively compact to always barely match your bike’s footprint while other mats can accommodate several machines with ease. I hope you took your space and machine measurements, and decide how big you want your mat to get before you make the decision.

Exercise Bike Cover:

This cover is for the upright indoor exercise bike. It keeps your bike waterproof, and windproof. Besides that, it keeps your bike safe from specks of dust. You can also wash this cover easily each week. So buy this cover to protect your bike.

Pair of pedal straps:

You can see the straps it is made of rubber and is good resistance of tear. You will not get confused because the right and left are marked in pedals. So, you can arrange them both easily. Another best thing about these pedals is you can adjust them according to your needs. You are going to feel enough comfortable when you are going to pedal your bike because the pedals are wide enough to adjust your foot. So you can buy these pedal straps for your exercise bike.

DHYSTAR Tablet Mount Holder For Exercise Bike:

Mount holder for exercise bike is an awesome creation for exercise bike users. Because the users can listen to music, see videos or anything else while they are doing exercise. You can adjust the phone or tab here because it is adjustable. This holder will not scratch your device. This holder is made of premium hard plastic, aluminum, and soft silicon. Your tablet or phone is secure with this holder as it holds your device strongly. The holder is swivel as it can be rotated 360-degree. This system provides you to view your device at any angle. From all sides this accessory is awesome so, you can make your exercise more enjoyable by buying this mount holder for the exercise bike.

Recumbent Bike Seat Cushion:

This cushion is the perfect fit for the exercise bikes in your home. It helps to reduce your back pain. You can use your exercise bike with more comfortable when the seat cushion is supporting you.

Recumbent Bike Cup Holder:

You can rotate this bike holder to 360-degree as it is adjustable and swivel. It is perfect for your exercise bike. You can fit here a water bottle or a coffee cup. There is no chance of spills as it holds your water bottle or a coffee cup strongly.



EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike
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EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike

If you want to make your body fit then it is important to do exercise regularly. You will have to know the perfect exercise if you want to get a perfect body structure. Nowadays people are very busy with their works and are out of the exercise. Some conscious people manage time to do exercise but due to having a short space of time they had to manage small workout places in their houses instead of going to the gym. In recent times people use to buy various types of Recumbent Exercise Bike. They want the Recumbent Bikes that are very comfortable to use. I will recommend EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike that is very comfortable and efficient to use.

Details about EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike

It weighs 28.5763KG. This made the machine to move very easily anywhere inside the house without having any hesitation. Any person of any weight can use this machine. You will be very happy by getting the adjustable feature in this machine. You can adjust the strap pedals according to your comfort. This feature is not common to every exercise bike. So you can say that this service in this machine is one of the premium services you are getting. Besides that, the extra thick padded sitting and backrest in EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike will enable you to continue your exercise for a long time.

For ensuring extra safety the handles are gripped with the foam pad. The extra feature, the LCD monitor is connected to the grip of your handle. This feature will help you to track your pulse rate or heart rate according to your pace of pedaling. On the other hand, you can check the time, speed, and distance in the monitor. To enjoy your exercise buy an EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike and reach the goal of making your physic healthy.

Top 10 Benefits of having a Home Gym
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What Does an Exercise Bike Do For Your Body

During the workout with a recumbent exercise bike, several body parts are strengthened and well-tuned.

Once a wise man said, “Health is wealth.” We all know it, but most of them don’t realize it. So they lack awareness. Exercise works just as like as the caffeine. It breaks the shackles of your laziness and could bring back your enthusiasm. If your weight is bothering you too much, then exercise bike would be the perfect sport. To keep in good a shape the primary muscles to look at are –

  • Quadriceps (thighs),
  • Hamstrings (back of the legs),
  • Glutes (butt muscles),
  • Hip flexors (muscles on the front of your hips) and
  • Abdominals (your core)

Believe it or not, a stationary bike works out for all of those mentioned above. However, most importantly cycling provides an excellent exercise to prevent cardiovascular disease. We can get rid of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc. just by cycling 2-3 times per week. That’s not all yet, let’s find out more about, what an exercise bike does for your body.

To gain muscle power and strengthen your legs

For better toning, your muscles on the legs, arms, abdominal, thighs and buttocks cycling are undoubtedly perfect. Body strength comes from strong muscles like quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip flexors, and abdominals, etc. Cycling directly impacts those muscles so to have an exercise on your own could be a huge plus. Riding on exercise bike works out the hamstring, quadriceps, calves and hips flexors. The recumbent exercise bike puts more pressure on the hamstrings and quadriceps than the upright bikes. For Losing weight or trying to get slim shape working out especially on these muscles would help for sure.

Leg muscles get the actual pressure in a recumbent bike. As it has a bent shape thus the lower part of the body gets more priority. But the opposite scenario happens on the upright bike. Its form almost looks like an actual bicycle. As a result, the upper body got to move. As a result, upper body muscles and abdominal shares the movement alongside the leg muscles.

To stay in shape look at your abdominal

Belly fat is the main culprit to make you look fat. They all are lousy cholesterol which covers your abdominal muscles. To burn them out completely, you need to run as long as your lungs popped out. Hahaha!!! I was kidding. You don’t have to do that at all. All you need is to spend some bucks to buy an exercise bike or go to the gym. Bad cholesterol is going to make you suffer in the long run. So before it’s too late burn them down.

Nothing more just 2-3 times a week 30-40 minutes maximum per session. Bang!!! You are starting to lose already weight. Yes, it’s that simple, so don’t waste your time eating that extra cheese-burger again instead you start biking.

To lose weight exercise bike is perfect

Losing weight is all about burning extra calories proper exercise will help you do that to do that no other exercise is better than the stationary cycling bike. There is a study shows that to lose 1kg of your weight, 1 hour of exercise on your stationary bike 2-3 times a week is more than enough. According to the research, this chart demonstrates how much you take the exercise and the number of calories you are going to burn:

ExerciseCalories to burn (approximate)
Walking (5km/h)203 kcal
Cycling bike, normal tolerance415 kcal
Cycling bike, high tolerance630 kcal
Cycling bike, very high tolerance740 kcal


To maintain a healthy body regular exercise is a must. If you have an exercise bike, you don’t have to go to the gym. That saves a lot of time. You can utilize the time by sitting on your stationary bike in your room. You can watch TV, have some food, can talk with your partner while exercising.

To protect yourself from heart disease

Sport and exercise help our blood circulation throughout the body. Our heart is also a muscle like other muscles. Unlike others, it the most essential task that is blood circulation. A well-trained heart tends to beat less frequently than healthy hearts. Typically, while exercising and in an unusual incident, our heartbeats at a high rate. That’s not good for our health, and it leads us to cardiovascular disease. Having regular exercise people are less likely to have a heart attack and stroke.

However, a regular exercise can be a triumph to those diseases.  So, cycling 2-3 times a week 30-40 minutes per rep would be the best exercise to have a healthy heart. It could make our heart to beat at less rate than regular at the strange situation. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, then try these exercises a couple of weeks then check your pulse rate. I’m pretty sure will understand the dramatic changes. But you have to note down your pulse rate before starting stationary bike exercise.

To cure type 2 diabetes

Cycling does an excellent job for a diabetic patient. Diabetes refers to the disease for which, the level of blood glucose increases. Several scientific studies have shown that physical exercise and sport reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes. So, a game like cycling also a practice can have additional benefits for diabetic patients. When we are at sport or in exercise our strength comes from muscles by using glucose. Thus glucose level in the blood decrease.

Another beneficial aspect of exercise bike is on the insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar level. But while having diabetes, this hormone cannot work as intended. Means that it cannot regulate glucose level on the blood. As a result, the sugar level increases. Exercise can help the body to react more to hormones like insulin. Therefore insulin can play its role that is to reduce the blood sugar. Let’s say no to diabetes by cycling more and stay fit.


To sum up, as our body needs food to remain healthy and fit, it requires physical exercise as well. There are a lot of differences between people who works out and who doesn’t. Psychologically, our body reacts to unusual work more. So, to become happy, enthusiastic and fit there is no alternative to exercise.

So best of luck to you. And yeah one thing doesn’t forget to comment and share because there are a lot of people, who don’t know the benefits of it. Now you are aware of the fact that “what an exercise does to your body” and make your friends too.