What is the best recumbent exercise bike for the home?

The recumbent bike is a favorite for fitness lovers and one of the most unique bikes on the market. Due to its curious resemblance to a mix between a lounger and a tricycle.

We have thoroughly tested and examined the best recumbent bikes. It is done by comparing various models with each other. Although we are fans of many types of fitness exercise equipment. It is true that recumbent bikes are the most affordable of all due to the comfort and ease of use they offer. We are sure that any of our recommendations will make you go in the direction of getting in good physical shape in a short time.

V-Fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Cycle

The G-RC V-fit recumbent exercise bike belongs to one of the leading brands when it comes to buying good quality home exercise equipment.


  • 8 manually adjustable levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Console with LCD screen with 6 Function.
  • Handlebar pulse sensors measure heart rate.
  • Adjustable pedals.
  • Domestic use. 12 months warranty for parts.

SportPlus SP-RB-9500-iE

The SportPlus SP-RB-9500-iE recumbent bike has caught our attention for its correct quality/price ratio. It is a highly recommended sports bike from a price point of view, and its simple design together with its robust construction makes it a perfect machine.


  • 6 pre-installed training programs.
  • Computer with 2.5-inch LCD screen displays speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories.
  • 24 resistance levels, maintenance-free magnetic brake system, and silent self-tensioning strap, poly-v type.
  • Non-slip pedals and hand pulse sensors.
  • Adjustable seat with backrest and side handles, suitable for maximum user height of 185cm.
  • Compatible with CardioFit, Google Street View, and KinoMap.
  • Integrates support for tablet or mobile and transport wheels.
  • Proven safety according to Iso 20957-1 and 957-5.

R20 Classic Vision

Entering the semi-professional recumbent exercise bikes, we find the Vision Fitness R20 Classic, which is characterized by its very comfortable and comfortable seat for the back. It is a Comfort ARC seat, with an ergonomically adapted backrest that supports the vertebrae.


  • Professional recumbent exercise bike with 5 training programs: manual, HR target, weight loss, intervals and
  • constant watts
  • 20 intensity levels, magnetic resistance
  • Silent belt drive
  • Led display indicating time, distance, heart rate, speed, RPM, calories expended
  • Adjustable pedals. Wheels for travel
  • Ergonomic seat with backrest
  • Heart rate sensor by contact and wireless receiver
  • 10-year warranty on structure and 2-year warranty on parts

SportPlus SP-RB-9900-iE

With the SP-RB-9900-iE, the Hamburg sports equipment manufacturer SportPlus has developed a recumbent bike that is especially suited for gentle home training of the muscles and cardiovascular system and is also easy to use and inexpensive.


  • 24 computer-controlled resistance levels, maintenance-free magnetic brake system, silent and durable Poly-V belt.
  • drive with self-adjusting.
  • 24 pre-installed training programs, watt-controlled training up to 200 watts, illuminated workout computer that.
  • reports calories, speed, time, distance, pulse, and watts.
  • Bluetooth 4.0. Free Cardiofit app, various user profiles with training history, 18 training programs, pulse.
  • measurement through chest straps.
  • Integrated hand-held pulse sensors, level stabilizers.
  • Safety tested according to EN ISO 20957-1, EN 957-5.
  • Horizontally adjustable seat with backrest and side handles. Maximum seat height approx. 106cm.
  • Tablet holder and transport wheels.
  • Anti-slip pedals.

CapitalSports EVO Deluxe

The CapitalSports EVO Deluxe recumbent bike is perfect for an effective workout at home without having to rely on the gym to stay in shape. It offers many benefits with a good quality/price ratio and its 20 Kg flywheel together with its comfort and function.


  • MagResist system with 32 different levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Compatible with Kinomap application (simulates more than 100.00 km of bike routes).
  • Computer screen indicating time, speed, calories consumed, distance, and pulse.
  • Incorporates mobile/tablet support.
  • SilentBelt system: silent belt drive.
  • 12 training programs (beginners, advanced, and experts). Performance program with a fixed number of watts.
  • 3-piece bottom bracket.
  • Handlebar pulse sensors. ergonomic seat.

Why buy a recumbent bike?


It is quite obvious that a recumbent is the most comfortable type of bike out there. You can relax in a reclining position while your legs do all the work. Forget about pain or numbness in strange places and get a fast and effective cardiovascular workout.

A standard upright bike, while effective in its own way, is not designed with the intention of making the most of human anatomy. This is especially a problem for people who have limited mobility and for those who suffer from back or wrist pain.

Our bodies are built so that the head falls, not to pull the head back as it would on a vertical bike. This means that the chances of back and neck pain occurring are greatly reduced.


While cycling is arguably the most advanced form of cardio, recumbent bikes can take it to the next level. One of the ways they can help to do this is because of the focus on the actual movements of cycling, i.e. the twisting of the legs. They do this without negatively affecting the rest of the body. Thus, the back is well supported, the neck is in a relaxed position, and the spine is neutral. This allows even the unfit or injured to maintain and gain good physical shape and makes great cardiovascular benefits more accessible to a wide range of people.


Although most fitness equipment is recommended by gym instructors and other fitness experts, recumbent bikes are often recommended by doctors. This is good news for people who face injuries, who are at risk for them, or who are currently unable to perform conventional exercise.

In equal measure, it can also be a great tool for athletes recovering from injury. A lying posture can prevent you from losing too much fitness while recovering.

Cardiovascular exercises offer many benefits, but there are many people who cannot perform them for a number of reasons, and therefore cannot benefit from them. Chronic pain, arthritis, and many joint problems are usually not an obstacle to practicing lying down exercise. Even patients who have been in bed and completely immobile for long periods of time are normally able to work on a recumbent bike. In fact, in many cases, they find it easier than even walking!

All the benefits that can really help the injured or elderly to exercise can also benefit anyone looking to improve their physical condition, as long as they have a pair of working legs.

Who should buy a recumbent bike?

People looking for low impact cross-training

If you want to cross-train with the least level of impact possible, in case you’ve recently recovered from an injury, then the recumbent bike is your choice. You can use all the preset training programs to customize the speed level and resistance level according to your convenience. The way you sit on the recumbent bike also impacts your glutes and will further improve your posture in the long run.

People who want to lose weight

Recumbent bikes will not give you the same level of intensity as training with an indoor bike or a vertical bike, but what you can achieve with them is to burn a lot of calories and increase your cardiovascular capacity. If your main goal is to increase your resistance level and lose weight, a stationary recumbent bike is ideal for you. If you want to get optimal results with your recumbent bike in terms of weight loss, you need to make sure of two things:

  • Choose the correct level of intensity
  • Boost your workouts appropriately

A recumbent bike is an efficient aerobic exercise that helps burn calories. Set up a trail that includes multiple hills to burn more calories during workouts. Pedaling faster or increasing strength will also consume more calories.

Burning calories will also depend on your weight. If a 55 kg person pedals for 30 minutes, 190 calories will be burned, while for an 80 kg person 280 calories will be burned. If you want effectiveness, practice this aerobic activity for 30 to 60 minutes, 5 days a week. To lose weight, you can do up to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise daily.

People who want to strengthen their abs

Exercise on a recumbent bike does not directly affect or strengthen your abdominal muscles, but it is an effective form of cardiovascular exercise that helps you burn calories. By doing this, you will reduce your body fat, which also includes your diaphragm. This will help make your abs more visible and in the long run, will also strengthen them.

People who want to work on their lower abdominal muscles

When you bring the seat closer to the pedals, your legs will contribute less to pedaling compared to the lower abdominal muscles. This will force you to commit to your thighs, glutes, and calf muscles. In addition, this will also help you to strengthen your stomach muscles.

Moving the seat closer to the pedals decreases the energy in your legs, causing you to use your lower abdominal muscles to pedal. Thigh muscles, gluten, and calves will also be worked on. You can do other abdominal strengthening exercises to tone your stomach muscles, such as crunches on a stability ball.

People looking for cardiovascular exercises

One of the biggest benefits of working out on a recumbent bike is cardiovascular exercise. If you exercise regularly on a recumbent bike, you will increase the function of your lungs and heart and decrease the chances of blood pressure problems or any type of lung disorder.

People who want to strengthen leg muscles

Training on a recumbent bike strengthens the leg muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles. A daily 30-minute training session on your recumbent bike will help you tone your calf muscles and strengthen your legs, while also helping you develop gluteal and quadriceps muscles.

Install a Recumbent Bike at Home

Cycling is generally a low impact exercise and recumbent bikes are among the softest exercise machines. However, some care must be taken when mounting them for the first time. The more or less difficult assembly will depend on each bike model, but you can always be guided by the instructions that come with the article. If you still have doubts, you will surely find an assembly video of your recumbent bicycle on the internet, which will help you solve it.

When you set up your bike, you probably want to leave it that way and no longer touch these parameters. So it is important to do this well. If you do not succeed, contact the seller or the commercial house directly and they will surely provide you with everything you need.

Recumbent bike exercises

The angle or position of the knee for a recumbent bike varies from a vertical bike. The knees are one of the most technical parts of the human body and therefore must be treated with care.

Recommendations for use:

  • Take 5 minutes before using the recumbent bike to stretch your lower body
  • Slide the seat before starting until your leg is at the back of the crank with a slight flex
  • Slightly warm your muscles and increase the core temperature of your body
  • Keep your posture straight, don’t lean forward
  • Before starting any new exercise program consult a doctor

An easier way to exercise on these bikes is to raise the height of the seat until the knees are almost fully extended at the point where the pedal is farthest from you. This will not only ensure that you recruit all of your leg muscles on the move but will also ensure that your knees are kept in a comfortable position and protected during exercise.

The best way to tone your legs is to change your training routine. You’ll burn calories that will slim down your legs when cycling with a comfortable, steady force for at least 20 to 30 minutes. An increase in resistance uses more muscles so that your legs are toned. Set your bike to a high force that is difficult to pedal at 90 laps per minute. Use both types of exercises to achieve general toning benefits for your legs.

A relaxing bike offers more convenient exercise, especially when you have low back pain or excess weight. Riding a bike lying down means weightless and impact-free exercise that improves the cardiovascular system and tones the legs. Bicycles have larger seats and put your feet upright instead of on a stand.

It may seem like you have to change the position of the seat to target different muscle groups, but that’s not the case. Keep the bicycle seat in a place that is suitable for your knees. To work for different muscle groups, play around with the resistance settings. All good recumbent bikes come with adjustable resistance. Simply increase the resistance to change the training to your glutes and hamstrings. If you do a high-speed RPM job with the pedals, that will force the quads more, making them work. Thus:

  • More resistance = glutes, hamstrings
  • Less resistance, fast pedaling = quadriceps

Adding some squats and lunges with weights is a great way to complement workouts with the recumbent bike. You can do them before or after your session according to your preference.


Muscles that work with a recumbent bike

As we have previously discussed, the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves are the main muscle groups used in cycling. Of these, the quadriceps are possibly the most powerful. The glutes provide a lot of support for movement considering it is such a large muscle group. The hamstrings help return the pedal at the end of the stroke, and the calves add a little kick to the movement while also acting as a pump in the important task of sending the used blood back to the heart for reoxygenation.

However, there are a few more muscles that are working to make your workouts more effective. During cycling, we may take care of our core to aid movement and also to stabilize the body. This can be done simply by pulling the abdominal muscles inward, squeezing the waist muscles to help your back and keeping it in place can be a great way to exercise your core and abs while getting a great cardiovascular workout.

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Seven Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Pedalling is one of the most common exercises, it strengthens the muscles and gives the thighs more strength. The rigid position of a traditional bicycle creates discomfort. With the great recumbent bicycles, we can get all the advantages of a conventional bicycle.

To order to make a good purchase this season, we have thought to make a comparison list of up to six models to choose from. All at an affordable and less costly price that we are sure you won’t miss.

And, to expedite your purchase, we have also made a small guide. The guide will introduce some basic terms for this product.

Adjustable Seat: It needs a comfortable seat that allows adjusting your position forward or backwards. There is a certain position ideal for true training.

Pedals: They must be wide, comfortable, and within reach of the user’s feet. If not, you can hardly complete your training in an almost horizontal position. It is very convenient when they bring adjustable straps to better fix the feet.

Resistance levels: They recommend it they be easily adjustable so that as you progress in your training. You can increase in intensity.

LCD screen and monitors: It is very convenient to monitor your exercise and take into account your progress.

ES600 SportsTech recumbent exercise bike.

Image result for ES600 SportsTech recumbent exercise bike

It will be the perfect bicycle to maintain an optimal and healthy physical state. The ES600 presents an innovative and super modern design. This integrates a physical training station and an entertainment station.

The bicycle has an intuitive and sophisticated console capable of establishing a direct connection with physical training apps. So that the user can have clear and fast access to his training history and sports sessions.

You can see the design has a super comfortable seat with good lumbar support. It also has a padded and adjustable backrest, non-slip pedals with adjustable straps. A 14 kg flywheel, a system of silent belts that transmit energy. And has a magnetic brake system is also there.

One more interesting thing that you can connect your mobile to this exercise bike. Tolerates a maximum weight of 150 kg. It includes a rubber mat designed to protect the floor and a heart rate monitor.

Recumbent exercise bike 345646 Contact Group.

Image result for Recumbent exercise bike 345646 Contact Group

It is an innovative, functional and high-tech recumbent bike. The design has a solid and stable structure. That allows different adjustments so that people of any height can perform the training comfortably and safely.

The bicycle has a touch control panel is at the same time a digital monitor designed to show the user the most relevant information. It has an ergonomic, padded and adjustable seat with backrest and armrests. And also it has non-slip pedals with straps that maintain a secure fit on the feet.

You can see the design has a 19 kg inertia wheel. A base that equips with wheels that facilitate the transport and installation of the machine. And there are also special sensors that monitor the heart rate. The overall facility’s weight is 58 kg.

I think it will be a fantastic bike for home use or to equip a small gym.

VB Italia F-RB01-a recumbent exercise bike

Image result for VB Italia F-RB01-a recumbent exercise bike

Those who like to vary a little the routine of the exercise may use this model that brings double direction of pedalling. It has 8 levels of effort and supports a maximum load of 115 kg. And it has a convenient computer with a large LCD screen. This allows you to view and calculate the routine time. Besides the speed and distance travelled.

You can even measure your heart rate with that device included with the heart rate monitor that includes and, not least, the calories you have burned.

It has a luxury seat with which you will feel comfortable during the routine that regulates in distance from the pedals. And its dimensions are approximately 127.5 x 64.5 x 97.5 cm.


Image result for Swizor X CAPITAL SPORTS

Those who are not satisfied with training only the lower part of the body will find this option that is ergometric convenient. It offers different training programs that allow you to even tone specific muscles. Also, it can adjust up to 8 resistance levels that exercise legs and buttocks besides the cardiovascular system.

It will not be uncomfortable because they equip it with a soft seat and upholstered in plastic. The bike has a computer with a large screen that allows you to see information about your exercise.

You can also see the calories burned, the pulse, your physical state, and the burned body fat. Its steering wheel is 4 kg.

The position of the seat allows you to unload the weight of the spine and joints. It prevents back pain and another discomfort.

Performa 315 JK Fitness recumbent exercise bike.

Image result for Performa 315 JK Fitness recumbent exercise bike

If you are interested in an unusual bike, you might consider this one. It has an adjustable horizontal saddle with high absorption and a unique, breathable and ergonomic backrest. This model includes a magnetic brake system, inertia regulation, and 8 resistance levels to challenge you with each exercise routine.

It has a 6 kg steering wheel with the ergonomic and non-slip handlebar. And also has a computer with an LCD window screen. It allows you to visualize the time, what is the distance travelled and what speed. You can also see the number of calories and pulsations with the heart rate monitor in your hand.

The maximum user weight for this model is 130 kg. And has dimensions of 137.5 x 30 x 58 cm approximately.

V-Fit BST-RC recumbent exercise bike.

Image result for V-Fit BST-RC recumbent exercise bike

Ideal for those who need to regulate the distance of the pedals to reach them and feel comfortable when exercising. This bike has a beautiful design. Its finishes are in silver and black. And it has pedals that have self-levelling and straps for a better fit on the feet.

It is robust and made of very resistant steel. Its handlebars are adjustable to reach them better, besides its seat also padded and very comfortable. It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance to challenge you during the exercise.

This bike has a battery-operated LCD monitor, with 7 functions, and that shows all the information got from the training. It is such as calories burned, distance, speed, time and pulsations. The maximum user support weight is 115 kg.

Klarfit Relaxbike 5G.

Image result for Klarfit Relaxbike 5G

In beautiful colours.

See at the best price on Amazon.

If you are not lovers of the typical grey or black exercise equipment, you will like this bike for sure. It can be available in green or orange, both striking and give a different touch to your sports decoration.

It has an easy-to-assemble 5G ergometer besides a padded saddle, with an ergonomic backrest, non-irritating. And it can adjust in 4 different positions for greater user comfort. They coat the handlebar with PU foam.

This bike has a monitor with an LCD screen and heart rate monitor, an indicator of time, speed, distance, and calories burned. It is silent during use so you will disturb no one during use. It will resist users with a maximum weight of 100 kg.

What is a recliner?

A reclining stationary bike is an exercise bike that allows you to sit back and back to reduce the weight of the upper back. This reclining configuration provides the ability to concentrate the training on your legs in a safe and comfortable way.

One of the great advantages of this reclining machinery is that it comes to help people suffering and from any upper or lower back problems. The reclined position comes to lighten the weight of the parts of your body that, in normal conditions, could activate spinal pains.

If you compare this equipment with a traditional exercise bike, you see that a reclining model. This model offers a more ergonomic and low impact design, compared to another bicycle version that you can find in the market. With a recumbent bike, you will avoid the tension that vertical exercise bikes and lead to feeling your vertebrae.

Another characteristic of the bicycle models with inclination is that they will prevent you from experiencing and forceful action on your knees. In addition, you will not be working with your hips unnaturally. As usually happens with the elliptical machines are in the gym. With this model of reclining machinery, you will flow with the familiar and direct movement of your legs.

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How to exercise with little strength.

You can also do exercise with little strength. There are many kinds of exercises that can be done just sitting in a chair. When you are seeking or injured a simple workout can help you to boost your confidence, it can make your stress less and overall you will become fit. So, there is no gain if you are not going to tolerate pain. Therefore here are some exercise tips that you can follow while exercising,

1. If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then you can do chest exercises by keeping your wrist straight using the dumbbells or machines. This simple exercise can help you rid of this syndrome. Always remember that you should avoid doing push-ups, burpees, or straight-arm plank because it may increase your pain.

2. If you are suffering from back pain then you can do abs exercises, small walking, stretching, and even you can do a little exercise in a recumbent bike which will help you to reduce your back pain.

3. For your shoulder pain a little exercise such as shoulder movement that maybe by pendulum stretch, inward or outward rotation, and towel stretch will help to reduce your pain.

4. Sometimes due to excess running, you feel pain in your body which is known as shin splints. To overcome this pain you can do cardiovascular workouts. This exercise contains something interesting like swimming, cycling, etc.

Different Exercises And Exercise Bikes For Overweight Peoples

People who are suffering from obesity have the risk of suffering from various diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other serious diseases are related to obesity. There are different exercises that can help fat peoples to lose their weight. The exercises and its benefits are,

1. Walking:

  Image result for walking

This is one of the best solutions to burn out the extra fat. This exercise is very easy for those who don’t have any experience of doing exercise regularly. There is no need of purchasing any equipment for this simple and effective exercise. This exercise will not have any painful impact on your body. People suffering from obesity can remain fit if they are going to walk regularly to maintain the routine.

For those who are a beginner can walk for 40 minutes 3-5 times a week. If you are going to maintain this regularly then slowly your frequency of walking will increase and will automatically become fit.

2. Running:

 Image result for running

A person can burn 80 to 140 calories by running per mile a day. So if any person suffering from obesity can burn their fat if they run 30 minutes per day. 280 to 500 calories can be burn by running for 30 minutes which is really good for fat peoples.

3. Cycling:

 Image result for cycling white background

It is very simple just get in your cycle and pedal it daily for 30 to 40 minutes. The pedaling cycle everyday can lose extra fat from your body. People who don’t know how to ride a cycle can buy the recumbent bike and can use it in the home. The recumbent bike is such a kind of exercise bike that you can use like a pedaling cycle in your home. You can burn 260 calories by pedaling cycle for 30 minutes. And if you are using recumbent bike spending at the same time then you will burn probably 298 calories.

Cycling just not burn you’re fat but also it reduces heart disease, maintains diabetes, and reduces the risk of getting affected by cancer.

4. Swimming:

 Image result for swimming

It is really an interesting way to pass time. And it will help you a lot if you are suffering from obesity. If you swim 3 days for 1hour each week then you don’t have to worry about any fat, heart disease, etc.

5. Yoga:

 Image result for yoga

This is a common exercise for all. Everyone can do yoga. It relieves you from stress. And it burns good calories. These are all effective workouts that can help you to reduce your fat. Just make a routine of your daily exercise and set your goal.

Now here are some exercise bikes that help to reduce weight,

Mercy Recumbent Exercise Bike:

  Image result for Mercy Recumbent Exercise Bike

This exercise bike is the best equipment for making your heart physically healthy. You will not feel tired if you work out with it. If you are thinking of adding some useful exercise equipment’s in your home, then it will be much better if you add Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike. When you are going to buy this equipment, then set your goal to reduce your weight and gain your muscle. Your aim will reach your goals then you can obtain a healthy figure.



This bike might be a smart choice for those who live in a small apartment. It helps to reduce excess weight from your body.

YASUDA Indoor Cycling Bike:

 Image result for YASUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

This bike is new in the market. And it is very smooth to use. If you are suffering from obesity then this exercise bike can help you to overcome your health problem.