Marcy ME 709 Recumbent bike

If you are exploring for a home training gear that lets you lose weight with great comfort then the Marcy me 709 recumbent bike seems a great choice. The manufacturing company has been making exercising equipment for many years now and is one of the innovators of the industry. So, read this Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review to get a quick overview what it has to offer to become your ultimate fitness machine.

Why Marcy recumbent bike?

As mentioned previously, Marcy has been in this industry for a long time, not only manufacturing this particular niche of home trainers. They have in many ways revolutionized the home fitness equipment industry with every product they have introduced. And undoubtedly, the sales of Marcy me 709 recumbent bikes have helped them to establish them as a frontrunner in the recumbent bike market. So, that makes a good case why you should opt for this recumbent bike as it already has proved itself with staggering sales.

Marcy me 709 exercise bike features:

  • It provides 8 level of magnetic resistance.
  • Well cushioned seat and backrest.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • User-friendly console.
  • 2 years of warranty.

Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review:

Modest Design:

In respect with other recumbent bikes, it seems quite plain. It’s not something that might interest buyers for its look. But that is where the 709’s strength lies. Manufacturers deliberately went with a simple design to create the impression that its an easy to use tool. This makes sense as sometimes elaborate design tools generate the perception that they are complex. Maybe the idea won’t work like that for everyone, but as a recumbent bike, it stands on a firm ground. It is quite sturdy and stable as an exercise bike.

The Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike weight limit is impressive as it can hold a great amount of weight without wobbling. But there are certain concerns when it comes to this exercise bike. Because unlike most of the competitors it doesn’t provide levelers. So, you need to find a flat ground to place it or things can go wrong. However, that isn’t an issue at all as you can use a mat to make the ground even.

Resilient Resistance:

This exercise bike proposes a total of 8 level of resistance. Users can change the levels using the knob below the console panel which is pretty straightforward. Just turn the knob clockwise to increase resistance and turn the other way around for decreasing. The number of levels seems low but still adequate due to the type of resistance it uses. Intense workout sessions are provided utilizing the magnetic resistance. And it’s possible as this type of resistance proposes much more friction making the pedaling bit harder than usual. And unlike another type of resistance do not wear out doing so as there is no direct friction or any type of contact. Also, such recumbent bikes are quieter which is another great advantage. Plus, the transition from one level to another is smooth and safe.

Simple Console:

The console is another fundamental part to take into account. And this Marcy me-709 has one which is quite a basic console showing measurements like time, speed, calories burned to name a few. Things like heart rate readings are missing from it but it doesn’t come as a big shock considering the price of the bike. This conventional looking recumbent bike has a humble console that shows you basic readings one by one.

To check other readings you need to switch manually using the two buttons on the device. Even it requires you to reset each time after you’re done working out as it doesn’t reset the measurements from the session automatically. And to keep track of your physical condition, you just need to use a diary as there is no mobile app to keep track. But that is something you already expect from a recumbent bike which is in a lower price range.

Adjustability & comfort:

Recumbent bikes are known for their ultimate seating property that makes the workout a joyous act. The manufacturers of Marcy recognizes that very well and that you can taste while using this exercise bike. It got one of the best seats in a recumbent bike with an angled backrest that provides proper support to the back. One thing that might concern buyers that the seat and the backrest aren’t adjustable. But there is a game changer. The bike’s frame is adaptable. So, it lets users change the settings by moving the frame. This flexibility is provided so that users can themselves fix the gap they wish from the pedals.

Then there are the two sets of handlebars which many think irrelevant. But that is actually one of its plus points. The handlebars beside the seat are adjustable and give you the support while you’re exercising on the reclined position. But the handlebar up front below the console gives the option to users to use this recumbent bike almost like an upright bike by slightly adjusting the frame.


  • Great for small apartments as it takes very little space.

  • It’s a recliner that can also be used like an upright bike with some adjustments.

  • Fits a catalog of height and weight users.

  • Perfect for people recovering from knee injuries. Also, suitable for those who are starting out exercising.

  • A great deal for such a low price.


  • No levelers. So, don’t be a fool to park it on uneven grounds because you can get seriously injured.

  • It got minimum resistance levels. Works for certain users but many won’t be fazed at all.

  • Nothing comes with the bike. Not even a simple cup holder.

  • No heart rate monitoring system, or pre-programmed workout scheme to help the cause.


From this Marcy me 709 recumbent bike review, you can get a proper idea that this exercise bike is suitable for certain people. It ain’t built to support a wide range of audience. It has its positives as it has some weaknesses. But as a recumbent exercise bike, you can’t question its credibility. Maybe it ain’t for you, or on the other hand this can be the recumbent bike that you were looking the entire time as it fits the bill.