Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Buying an indoor recumbent exercise bike may seem like a complicated task but nothing further from the reality. Making up your mind and picking the right one is an impossible task for many. That’s why we here came up Nautilus R614 recumbent bike review. After reading this, you won’t need to look any further for your latest home exercising companion.

Why buy the nautilus R614 recumbent bike?

Many people exercise to look good and increase their self-esteem. In fact, losing those extra kilos is one of the main objectives. And for that you need a tool that will force you to work hard, boosting your resistance and strengthening your body. However, not all recumbent bikes don’t offer such expertise to make you more healthy. This is the main attraction of nautilus r614 recumbent bike as it improves your state of health.

Nautilus r614 recumbent exercise bike features:

  • It covers 13 workout details.
  • Offers hand grip heart rate monitoring system.
  • A charging USB port for your devices, and also you can transfer exercise data.
  • Comes with 22 fitness programs.
  • Two LCD displays for every detail.

Nautilus r614 recumbent bike review:

Fitness programs:

The 22 programs are made by professional trainers to get the best out of yourself. Also, the manufacturers designed it’s program to engage users in exercising purposefully. You can decide whether you want to burn calories, you want to improve sports performance or to achieve some other purpose. Or you can follow your heart rate and exercise at the intensity that your body can operate. Your heart rate can be measured easily and quickly through the pulse sensors in the handles.


You can control your intensity of exercise with the 20 level Resistance System the Nautilus R614 has to offer. This resistance system ensures a smooth transition between the different resistances. This way you exercise is not disturbed as the changes do not get out of your training rhythm. And users are always aware of their intensity level as it is displayed on the console. You control the resistance levels using the console of the recumbent bike. So, users can move according to their pace. However, there are 10 jump buttons all along the console for resistance if you don’t care for moving up gradually.


The recumbent bike comes with two LCD display but for some reason, none of them are backlit. Nonetheless, the console shows 13 different vitals while you’re exercising. From the calorie burning, calorie burning per hour, distance, heart rate, strength, speed and time. Also, it provides you the 22 fitness programs to help you on the way with 2 users profile to keep the data of every session. But the best part that the console has a USB port which lets users transfer data from their sessions to their myfitnesspal app if they care for.

Seat comfort and adjustment possibilities:

The greatest advantage of the reclining exercise bike is that they come with very comfortable seats. Plus, the backrest which is ideal for relieving the lumbar and pelvic area during training. And this bike has a good seat and backrest but not the best one, to be honest. Because both the seats and backrest uses vented plastic which is good to keep you cool. But if you want a luxurious training experience then they might disappoint you as there is no padding at all. However, the adjustability of the seat makes at least it suitable for people with various heights. With proper adjusting, this recumbent exercise bike easily can accommodate almost anyone.

Extra stuff:

You can listen to your own music while you train through the sound system of the R614. Connect your MP3 player or iPod to the music port on the recumbent and hear the quality of sound coming from the speakers. If you’re used to using earplugs during exercise, this is a big change. Also, you get the built-in fans in front of you. The fresh air is not only pleasant, but also refreshing. This allows you to train longer without overheating. Besides, you should also think of plenty of fluids if you train intensively.

And the manufacturers understood that as it even has a cup holder. The bottle holder is at the side of the seat which isn’t the perfect place for a water bottle but still better than not having one. And when you’re done working out you can easily put the recumbent bike aside. Also, you don’t require to keep your devices plugged in the charging station as the USB port covers that department. This recumbent bike has everything sorted out to make your sessions count as it doesn’t let you get distracted.


  • For hardworking sessions, it is the perfect fit thanks to its 20 different resistance levels.

  • At least two individuals can keep track of their daily workout sessions.

  • Lets users keep an eye on their heart rate.

  • Can be moved around easily around the home as it comes with transportation wheels.

  • Got adjustable seats, and also has levelers so the bike is good to use even on uneven floors.

  • Comes with a lot of extra accessories such as an electronic shelf, fans etc.


  • In poor lighting conditions, you can’t see anything at the display.

  • To use the bike and its console, you need to plug the bike.

  • Seats aren’t cushioned which is a letdown as recliners are all about comfort.

  • The displayed data of vitals might be confusing for many.


It is not the same to buy a fitness machine with the idea of performing intensive and dynamic workouts than to plan to exercise lighter with all possible comfort. And often people are caught in the middle as they don’t know what they want. But as you can see the Nautilus r614 recumbent bike can help you in that regard as it provides with a variety of intensity levels. Besides that, it has everything you look out on a recumbent bike as you can see from this Nautilus r614 recumbent bike review. Now its all up to you to make the choice.