Recumbent Bike Accessories

  • Heavy Duty Equipment Mat:

It is a kind of protective carpet.  Helps the floor from damaging highly weight exercise equipment like a recumbent bike. This carpet prevents any dust from entering into belts or mechanical parts of the bike. It also prevents excessive noises of bikes that might disturb your family members or neighbors beside you. Many of these mats r made in the USA and are safe for children.


  • Exercise Bike Cover:

This cover is for the upright indoor exercise bike. It keeps your bike waterproof, and windproof. Besides that, it keeps your bike safe from specks of dust. You can also wash this cover easily each week. So buy this cover to protect your bike.

  • Pair of pedal straps:

You can see the straps it is made of rubber and is good resistance of tear. You will not get confused because the right and left are marked in pedals. So, you can arrange them both easily. Another best thing about these pedals is you can adjust them according to your needs. You are going to feel enough comfortable when you are going to pedal your bike because the pedals are wide enough to adjust your foot. So you can buy these pedal straps for your exercise bike.


  • DHYSTAR Tablet Mount Holder For Exercise Bike:

Mount holder for exercise bike is awesome creation for exercise bike users. Because the users can listen to music, see videos or anything else while they are doing exercise. You can adjust the phone or tab here because it is adjustable. This holder will not scratch your device. This holder is made of premium hard plastic, aluminum and soft silicon. Your tablet or phone is secure with this holder as it holds your device strongly. The holder is swivel as it can be rotate 360-degree. This system provides you to view your device at any angle. From all sides this accessory is awesome so, you can make your exercise more enjoyable by buying this mount holder for the exercise bike.


  • Recumbent Bike Seat Cushion:

This cushion is the perfect fit for the exercise bikes in your home. It helps to reduce your back pain. You can use your exercise bike with more comfortable when the seat cushion is supporting you.


  • Recumbent Bike Cup Holder:

You can rotate this bike holder to 360-degree as it is adjustable and swivel. It is perfect for your exercise bike. You can fit here water bottle or a coffee cup. There is no chance of spills as it holds your water bottle or a coffee cup strongly.

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