Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits For Weight Loss

Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits For Weight Loss

Do you feel like you’ve gained some pounds after the delicious feast at this year’s Thanksgiving? It won’t be wrong for me to assume that many of you really think so, while many can actually notice the difference in their waistline. In that case, you might want to shed some weight before Christmas coming with its delicious high-calorie treats. However, you don’t feel like going to the gym and all you have a recumbent bike which you don’t think is up to the task. To you I’ve got one thing to say, you’re living in a bubble. That’s because of recumbent exercise bike benefits for weight loss. You just don’t know how to use the thing properly. So, if you feel like you’re not using your equipment the right way, then today you have the opportunity to redeem yourself.

Tips to burn calories using your Recumbent Bike :

If you wish to see recumbent exercise bike benefits for weight loss then you have to be more active on it. You can’t expect to get the results by using the machine once in a while for 10-15 minutes on a steady paddling speed. No, that won’t do any good. You need to take things to the next level. Here me out to get some idea how you can use it to its full potential.

Build routine :

To actually see recumbent exercise bike benefits for weight loss, you need to come with a routine. You need to regularly get on your bike for about 30-60 minutes at least 5 times a week. But if you don’t think your body can sustain such longer minutes then take breaks. Like ride for 10-15 minutes, take a break and then get on again for another 15 minutes or so. This routine will help you to get your body acquainted with the intensity of training on a regular basis. A solid routine on your recliner daily at a mid-level intensity at a steady pace is a great place to start with your weight loss mission.

Training with intervals:

While I’ve talked about the importance of training for longer periods, I also mentioned the fact that you can do that at regular intervals. However, there is a huge difference in this case. Previously, it was just to get into the habit of steady riding in your recumbent bike. But now, you will do this intentionally with much more intensity and effort. The reason for doing recumbent bike exercise in this method is to burn more fat than your usual training. I’m not just saying so as research has proved that high-intensity interval workout sessions help to get rid of the extra weight in a quicker time. However, be cautious if you’re planning to follow this method. Some people get excited and can go overboard with the whole thing. Give yourself enough time to recuperate and maintain a steady intensity.

Peak Intensity routine:

Using high intensity pedalling sessions in your recliner will make the process of losing weight much faster than you can imagine. While interval session is effective, its not for everyone. Still, you can go the route in a different way. Just get on your recumbent bike and crank the resistance higher a little bit by bit until it reaches its peak intensity. You can follow this routine for 2 days a week while the other days you can go at a steady pace. However, to burn the fat, you need to monitor your heart rate while doing the high-intensity recumbent exercise. As research has shown that people whose heart raise increase 70-85% of their maximum rate burn through their fat faster than others. Those who want to perform such activity should precisely evaluate their maximum heart rate using the metabolic testing system.

Get the right equipment:

The last bit of advice is only for those who actually take their health seriously. If you really want the comfort experience of a recumbent bike but also want to get in shape then you need to get a more expensive equipment. If you already have one of those recumbent bikes with pre-set programs, different level of pedal resistance settings and heart rate monitoring system then you’re in good hands. You just need to follow the techniques that I’ve mentioned earlier to get the most out of it. But if you have the older models and want all these functions then you need to get a more expensive model. However, your current bike can do the job for your weight loss, but a newer and more advance recliner would help to speed up the process.

Conclusion :

To be honest, not many people see recumbent exercise bike benefits for weight loss. And the misconception reached a stage where many people will buy different exercising equipment in spite of having the tool at their fingertip.

But in reality, if you follow the program mentioned with a proper diet plan, it will work wonders for you like any other weight loss system. Just need to give this a chance and take your recumbent bike workout seriously to see the difference. I bet you will be able to make some room for Christmas calories.