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What to eat before you go for workout?

It is very essential to control your diet when you are doing exercise regularly. Your body will perform better if you get better nutrients. So, here are all pre-workout nutrition suggestions for you.

First, you have to know, which nutrients your body wants.

So, if you are having the correct food then obviously you will get enough energy to perform better while you are doing exercise. Each macronutrient such as carbohydrate, fibre, fats, protein, and nutrients has a particular role before you are pedalling your exercise bike or doing another sort of workout. Whatever the portion in which you need to eat them varies by particular and type of exercise.

Here below you can see some roles of macronutrients that can help you to reach your goal.


When you are working your muscles uses the glucose from carbs for fuel. There is a process of storing glucose, mainly in the liver and muscles. The way is known as glycogen. Glycogen plays its role when you are doing vigorous exercise as it is the main source of energy for your body muscles. But one thing more is, the glycogen stores in your muscles are limited.  And as these finishes, their production and intensity decrease. In many pieces of research, it has come out that the carbohydrates you take can increase the glycogen and working at the time of increasing carbohydrate oxidation during exercise. To maximize your glycogen store you have to eat high carbohydrate-containing foods for 1 to 7 days.


According to the research, if an athlete consumes protein before going to the field then his or her performance will be much better. The research also says that if you eat protein before your workout it will increase your muscle protein synthesis.

Some vital role of protein before exercise are:

A better anabolic response, or muscle growth.

Improvement of muscle recovery.

Greater strength and lean body mass.

Increase in muscular performance.


The fats you are consuming works as your energy back up when you are doing a low-intensity workout. One research showed how a four-week diet consisting of 40% fat increased endurance run times in healthy and trained runners.

Timing for your workout meal

For your pre-workout nutrition, the time for your having a meal is very important. To increase your workout limit you have to eat a complete meal that contains all the macro-nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fat, etc. You have to take this before 2 or 3 hours of your exercise.

Due to some reason, you may not be able to take that meal at that given time. In that case, you can do is having a reasonable meal before you start your workout.

Suppose if you are having a meal 30 to 45 minutes before you go for the workout you must select that food that will be easy to digest. And also you should remember that the food must contain carbohydrates and protein.

This will help you to continue your exercise without having any stomach problems.

Important examples of having a meal before exercise

Those who do regular exercise should maintain the amount of food, they have according to the exercise they do. To recover your energy while doing the exercise the equal balance of carbohydrate and protein in your body is important. If you are having a meal that contains also fat then you should start your exercise after 2 hours.

Here are some examples of a balanced diet before your workout:

The meals that you can eat before 2 or 3 hours of your exercise

For carbohydrate: You can eat whole-grain toast, peanut, rice, potatoes, milk, etc.

For protein: You can eat chicken thighs, fish, beans, eggs, yogurt, etc.

For fat: You can eat the whole egg, fatty fish, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, etc.

If you start your exercise within an hour or less than 30 minutes

For carbohydrate: You can eat peanuts, potatoes, or milk.

For protein: You can consume eggs or yogurt.

No need to have fats.

You can also have Supplements before your workout

Nowadays it is very common in using supplements in sports or building up the body. Supplements before your workout can help to increase your strength, increase lean body mass and will help to reduce fatigue.

Here below you can see below the best pre-workout supplements.


In many pieces of research, scientists found that this supplement is the best supplement among all as it increases strength and power to your muscles. Creatine plays a vital role in producing energy in your cell thus in the body. If you are having this supplement you will feel improvement in your strength over time. There are some recommendations in taking doses with 20 grams each day and are split into several portions during the exercise.


Many kinds of research say that this supplement is one of the best supplement for the human body.  It increases body immunity power. If you take Probiotic every day then your microbiome will remain in balance. Keeping microbiome in balance relieves your digestive comfort and it develope a normal bowel pattern.

Vitamin D

We get Vitamin D from the sun. It helps to make our skin healthy. If you are looking for any supplement that will help you to make you strong then you should take Vitamin D 3 supplement. This supplement helps to protect you from harmful diseases. According to the research, it also helps to reduce heart disease. Besides that, the main role of vitamin d in our body is to control blood levels of phosphorus and calcium. These minerals help to keep bones healthy.

Protein Powder

We know protein helps to build out bones and muscle etc.  Especially the athletes consume this supplement to require more energy. This protein powder is very effective for both men and women. This protein does not only boosts one’s energy but also recovers the damaged muscle tissue.  Many athletes use this protein after exercise to recover their energy. So if you are doing workout regularly then this supplement going to help you to boost up your energy.








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